Comparison of BitHide with other crypto wallets

At BitHide, we promise the characteristics of a regular crypto wallet with a handful of perks on top. Besides encrypting and storing your transaction information, we also make your crypto journey more convenient. Besides being one of the most secure wallets, BitHide also has the following features:

Although most crypto wallets plead to be anonymous, they usually disclose certain sensitive information about their users upon legal request. As a result, legal parties can get access to distinctive transactions and trace trades transferred through your wallet. They can even detect wallet’s structure. This is jeopardizing for both you and your clients. By getting access to your wallet's structure, official institutions can identify all your clients' details if required. This is where BitHide differs.

We guarantee that all the data processed by our software is your property. Once you install BitHide on your private servers, we can also vouch for anonymity since no third parties can detect your IP address. BitHide uses a combination of TOR and VPN to hide the physical address of the wallets it serves. And this makes it one of the most secure crypto wallets on the market.

At Bithide, we believe in being a secure crypto wallet, which is why we work on preventing transaction detail disclosure to third parties. We can deliver our promise since, by default, all your data is stored on your servers. This means that server owners are the only people or institutions that can grant third parties access to their information.

Do not let harmful crypto operations mess up the reputation of your wallet. Bithide's software prevents any misdoings to your wallet by warning you about potentially damaging dealings. Upon seeing a questionable payment, our technology differentiates and stops it. BitHide not only verifies all the incoming transactions and warns you about the insecure ones but also quarantines suspicious funds on request for as long as required. And then, it is possible to withdraw the money later. With our tool, you won't need to worry when you make further transactions or withdraw money; your wallet structure will stay flawless.

You can generate multiple crypto addresses for payments from different merchants in your wallet. This way, your business can function regardless of the number of daily transactions you have.

Created as a protected payment gateway, BitHide allows using one wallet for as many merchants as you need. Companies that want to run multiple websites and need to generate numerous transaction addresses can combine all their data in one wallet. Our one-wallet interface is suitable for managing all these funds in one place.

Moreover, our tool helps create multi-brand wallets to distinguish your companies.

You cannot do everything by yourself. That is why we made it possible to add a list of merchants and authorize different types of users with additional user rights.

With the enlargement of your administrative team, you must effectively manage their access rights to your payment gateway solution. BitHide allows assigning as many roles as you need. According to their role and access, your employees can view or edit only those merchant records for which they are eligible. This allows you to protect your company's sensitive data from unwelcome users.

As the withdrawal fee is inconsistent, it's essential to have the ability to influence its cost to minimize expenses. The auto-withdrawal tool helps optimize the withdrawal fee by estimating the current blockchain network congestion and transaction size in real time. Moreover, BitHide enables API-driven withdrawals.

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How to start using Bithide wallet?

If you plan to accept cryptocurrency as a payment, you definitely need a crypto wallet for a business. The main perks are that you can legally use a crypto wallet for venture activities and still combine administrative, management, and safety functionality.

Your team can seamlessly integrate our technology into your solution without requiring third-party support:

  • 1You install BitHide on your servers.
  • 2You set up your account and brand your wallets.
  • 3You incorporate the crypto wallet to your website or app.
  • 4You start seizing the opportunities which BitHide unveils for you.

With our implemented Dark Wing technology that combines TOR and VPN masking, we guarantee that all your transactions are anonymized. As a result, BitHide is a good fit for various types of businesses. It meets the requirements of e-com and its urging need to accept crypto payments as one of the options. Or you can use BitHide for grey-hat projects, for which crypto is the preferable option to pay.


Why is BitHide wallet better than other wallets?

With BitHide, you can accept cryptocurrency from any client. Later, if necessary, separate transactions according to their level of suspicion. Second, BitHide features reports and balance sheet generation, which considerably simplifies the management of your turnover. Apart from a pivot balance sheet, you can generate individual sheets by merchants you run and differentiate balance sheets by specific periods. As you see, it is more convenient to use our tool via desktop and not mobile since it gives you a better overview of your data. Third, auto-withdrawal functionality and multi-level access rights guarantee top-notch control over your accounts.BitHide also lets you brand your solution and set up a seamless integration with your product. As a result, your customers' journey will become less bumpy, and your customers will feel that they complete their purchases in one digital place.Last but not least, remember that with BitHide, you store your data on your servers, which is the base of a safe crypto wallet. Furthermore, since you are the only owner of this data, only you decide whether your transactions must be up to KYC and AML compliance.

How to secure your crypto wallet?

Control your funds yourself with no account suspensions or blocks. Instead, our tool recognizes questionable transactions and differentiates them accordingly. This way, you don't have to put somebody in charge of monitoring every transaction.Protect your IP address. Enjoy the privacy of all the transactions by installing BitHide and storing all the transaction data on your private servers. Remember, BitHide uses VPN and TOR to hide your IP address, making it nearly impossible to mess with your wallet. ​​Back up your data. Unlike most crypto wallets, BitHide vouches for safe data backups, thus protecting your digital assets. These backups store your key and transaction details. You can restore your data from the reserve server backup if something bad happens.Stay away from phishing nets. Remember, if the link looks suspicious, it probably is.

What is the most secure crypto wallet?

The overall security of your business's crypto wallet depends on the safety of a set of private keys you use to access your account. The most secure crypto wallet thoroughly keeps all the data, both private keys and transaction data, but still has a backup option in case of emergency.BitHide takes care of your digital assets by storing your private key on your private servers. Since your IP address is under the protection of VPN and TOR, no third parties can get access to your wallet's information.

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