BitHide сrypto payment gateway

100% Anonymous
no KYC no AML
Installation on your servers
Receive crypto payments anonymously

Are you sure that your crypto payments are anonymous?

Law enforcement and intelligence agencies track the owners of cryptocurrencies.

In 2014, a group of CryptoLux scientists from the University of Luxembourg published a study. It describes a real way, with a 100% certainty to determine the identity of any cryptocurrency user.

Don’t risk!

Using wallets and crypto payments gateway running on third party servers, you risk revealing your identity or losing funds at any time.

Are you still willing to take risks with your anonimity?

Thousands of cryptocurrency holders lose money and reveal their identity every year due to the wallet vulnerabilities.

Why BitHide?

Your own server

The crypto gateway payment and the BitHide crypto wallet are hosted on your server. The safety of funds and data is completely in your hands.


You can accept crypto payments in any amount from any customers, without having to disclose your identity and payment details.

Completely anonymous

Your crypto gateway and wallet will access the Internet using our Dark Wing technology.

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BitHide - anonymous crypto payment gateway and wallet.

What is the Dark Wing technology?

BitHide crypto payment gateway solution makes transactions anonymous using the Dark Wing technology. This technology consists of 2 stages of hiding your real IP address.

First, the transaction data is transmitted to the TOR network. They go through a chain of 3 or more addresses, hiding your real IP. The disadvantage of this system is that the blockchain network blocks most of the TOR IP addresses. We were the first to solve this problem, by adding the 2nd stage of encryption - VPN.

From the TOR network, your transactions are transmitted to the servers of VPN service providers. Their IP is no longer blocked by blockchain nodes, and you can freely use an anonymous crypto payment gateway.

For each new transaction, the Dark Wing changes its IP address for both, TOR and VPN. This way, your transactions cannot be placed into a single wallet, based on the IP address.

The Dark Wing technology - is the combination of 2 encryption systems. It allows you to use the advantages of TOR and VPN, canceling out their disadvantages.

As a result, combining crypto addresses into a single wallet becomes literally impossible.

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Three simple steps to install BitHide

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Receive and send payments

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More options with BitHide's crypto payment gateway

Detection tool, used to check cryptocurrency associated with the criminal activity. It also makes possible to determine which crypto currency cannot be accepted and how your crypto currency is seen by the crypto exchanges.

A service for setting apart "risk" cryptocurrencies from the bulk of the funds and placing it in isolation. Allows you to secure the cryptocurrency passing through your crypto payment gateway.

Convenient automatic withdrawal of funds to the pre-determined wallets. Eliminates the need to withdraw funds manually every time.

You can accept payments from multiple brands of your businesses and keep track of each separately.

Having a backup copy of your wallet, guarantees the safety of funds in the event of a hardware breakdown.

The ability to add multiple administrators and delimit their access to the functions of the crypto payments gateway and merchants.

Our clients choose BitHide when the need arises:
  • To send and receive a payment, no matter the amount, while remaining anonymous.
  • To receive funds in cryptocurrency, to a different accounts.
  • To store the funds in a wallet, without the risk of intrusion.

BitHide is essential for brokerage companies, stock exchange, online casinos, exchange offices and any other business that uses cryptocurrency for financial transactions. All of the above can be done, while completely remaining anonymous.

100% Anonymous

no KYC no AML

Hosting on your servers

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