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The number of businesses using Ethereum payments increases day by day, with more than one million transactions daily.

Why are businesses looking for the Ethereum payment method more and more often? First, like other crypto coins, this one is considered secure. Second, ETH transactions are generally faster than those made with traditional payment methods. Last, ETH transfers have lower fees as they do not require intermediaries like banks or credit card companies.

However, companies need to use a crypto-processing tool to accept ETH payments. Here BitHide comes in handy. Let’s learn what it is and how it works.

What is an Ethereum payment gateway?

This is a processing service that allows businesses to accept ETH transactions. It enables the merchant to process Ethereum transactions, without direct interaction with the blockchain. So, the Ethereum payment gateway acts like an intermediary.

To start using this solution, companies need to integrate it into their websites, platforms, or applications. In case you’d like to be the only owner of all the data processed and control your funds, it’s better to use solutions like BitHide. Here, you install an ETH payment gateway on your servers and take full responsibility for the data and transactions processed.

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How Ethereum Payments are useful for your business

How Ethereum Payments are useful for your business

Ethereum payments is a path for companies to the crypto world, with its pros and cons. On the one hand, ETH is volatile and doesn’t have all the functionality more standard crypto methods have (e.g., recurrent payments). On the other hand, it enables securer, faster, and cheaper transactions. As a result, some companies consider ETH as one more payment method. Others can select Ethereum for transactions requiring less tough regulations.

    How does the Ethereum payment gateway work?

    Let’s investigate the payment gateway working process on the BitHide example:

  • Install the processing software on your servers.
  • Incorporate it into your website, app, or platform to receive crypto payments.
  • Enjoy crypto payments.
  • Regarding the backend processes, it could be explained in the following way:

  • Your user starts the checkout process.
  • Data submitted by the user is transferred to the payment gateway.
  • Processing solution reaches the blockchain to record the transaction. In the case of BitHide, the two-stage anonymization, including TOR and VPN, allows for hiding your wallet’s physical address.
  • Transaction data is stored on the blockchain, and funds are transferred to your merchant’s wallet.

Features of Ethereum payment gateway

If you face the challenge of what ETH processing solution to choose, let’s consider the major features payment gateways can have:

Ethereum uses advanced cryptography to secure transactions and prevent fraud. However, actually, not all cryptocurrency processing solutions are really secure. Blockchain technology cannot hide your wallet

Ethereum processing tools can facilitate the creation and execution of smart contracts, which are self-executing contracts with the terms of the agreement between buyer and seller being directly written into lines of code.

Ethereum payment gateways can facilitate fast and efficient transactions, with the ability to process thousands of transactions per second.

Ethereum payment gateways often have low fees compared to traditional solutions, as no intermediaries or banks are involved in the process. Moreover, solutions like BitHide allow monitoring the lower withdrawal commission, which reduces the corresponding fee costs.

Ethereum processing tools can be integrated with a variety of systems and platforms, including e-commerce platforms, online marketplaces, and point-of-sale systems.

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Benefits of using Ethereum payments on BitHide

BitHide outperforms its competitors in many parameters, starting from real anonymity to the ease of accounting. Here are the major advantages:

You can install BitHide on your servers and integrate the software into your solution within one working day.

BitHide guarantees the full anonymity of your crypto wallet. With TOR and VPN, it makes your physical address unreachable to any third parties.

BitHide enables identifying transactions from crypto wallets with a risky payment structure. Later, the application quarantines such transactions and allows to the withdrawal of such funds separately.

Being designed for businesses running multiple merchants, BitHide’s service allows for the creation of as many merchant accounts as required. Later, you will see all the stats on these accounts separately.

BitHide automates the fund withdrawal process by enabling auto-withdrawals and API-driven withdrawals. This allows for minimizing exchange expenditures.

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How to accept Ethereum payments?

For accepting ETH transactions, businesses need to enable the crypto payment gateway. Then, they need to create a wallet accepting ETH. With BitHide, you can install the processing software on your server and start accepting ETH transactions within one working day.

How do I accept Ethereum on my website?

It is easy to start accepting ETH on your website. Incorporate the ETH processing wallet, and get Ethereum on your business wallet.

How can my business accept Ethereum?

Although having an ETH wallet is crucial for accepting Ethereum, for businesses, it’s not enough. To be able to generate multiple crypto addresses for payments, companies need to incorporate crypto gateway into their solutions. If you run multiple merchant accounts, ensure your corporate processing software enables managing them separately. For instance, BitHide users can easily combine transactions from multiple accounts and analyze them separately.

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