What is a crypto exchange payment gateway?

Crypto exchanges need gateways because they allow customers to initiate coin transactions. This solution is also known as a cryptocurrency payment processor. It acts as an intermediary between the trading platform and the customer's wallet.

When customers want to trade their cryptocurrency, the gateway makes such a transaction possible. When a customer wants to withdraw funds, the gateway transfers money. Payment gateways let funds transfer from the customer's wallet to the coin exchange's account.

How does a payment gateway work for a crypto exchange?

It’s impossible to run a successful cryptocurrency exchange without using a payment gateway serving all the transactions. Let’s review why.

A gateway for a crypto exchange typically involves the following stages:

  • When the cryptocurrency exchange needs to make a transaction, it demands a unique deposit address for each invoice. Here, payment gateways come in handy. They let you create as many unique deposit addresses in your wallet as the number of invoices you have.
  • Later, having this unique address, customers make their payments in cryptocurrency. The uniqueness of the address will allow afterward to identify the customers and their transactions.
  • Once the transaction is made, you receive the required coins in your wallet. At the same time, the coins the client is exchanging are transferred to the crypto exchange’s account.
  • Upon the successful transaction, the cryptocurrency exchange’s wallet alerts that the transaction has been processed.

Don't forget that crypto-related transactions might be subject to compliance and regulatory requirements. It depends on the jurisdiction. Gateways have to follow them and ensure they're not facilitating illegal activities. In the case of BitHide, all the data is stored on your private servers. This way, you can officially omit both KYC and AML compliances. Let's explore what other assets payment solutions for crypto exchanges provide.

Advantages of payment gateways for crypto exchanges

There are several advantages of using by crypto exchange companies, including

  • You can quickly issue multiple invoices for different transactions.
  • Some payment software like BitHide can guarantee the anonymity of its users.
  • In case of payment troubles, you will get immediate support.
  • It's possible to accept payments worldwide and use any cryptocurrencies you choose.
  • You can cut withdrawal fees by automating this process.

That's why you need to choose your company partner carefully and consider all the benefits.

Benefits of partnering with BitHide

The pros of partnering with Bithide include the following:

  • The software and all the appropriate transaction data are hosted on your server . Therefore, you can control the safety of your funds and data.
  • BitHide applies the Dark Wing technology . It allows transferring and accepting coin payments in any amount from any place in the world. Meanwhile, the user remains anonymous thanks to TOR and VPN encryption systems. They make it impossible to detect your physical address.
  • BitHide uses a detection tool to identify cryptocurrency transactions associated with criminal activity . These funds are automatically isolated . However, you can withdraw them separately. Meanwhile, your primary account remains uncompromised.
  • BitHide provides the ability to add multiple administrators . You can control their access to payment functions and merchant accounts.
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How to create a crypto payment gateway for an exchange?

This task requires researching the market. You also need to understand the needs of the gateway crypto network. The other things include features offered by existing payment solutions. Also, you need to develop a secure system for processing transactions. Finally, you need to integrate them with financial institutions and follow regulations. Otherwise, you can use ready-made solutions like BitHide. They will allow you to take advantage of the tool usage from day one.

What is the best cryptocurrency payment gateway for an exchange?

The choice of cryptocurrency gateway depends on your needs and requirements. However, we recommend using the BitHide solution. It enables multi-merchant accounts, various user roles, and accounting features. Other features include 100% anonymity, no KYC, instant installation on your server, and many more.

Is BitHide a good cryptocurrency payment gateway?

BitHide has experience in working with crypto exchanges. Moreover, it enables multiple features. They include:

  • auto-withdrawal
  • multi-merchant account support
  • backups
  • system restore
  • multi-administration
  • and many more.

BitHide has already proved its security, reliability, and support because it delivers high-quality services to a dozen merchants.

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