What is a blockchain for payments?

Blockchain for payments is a revolutionary technology. Since it enables secure and transparent transactions of different coins. Various tools allow you to tap into a growing market of tech-savvy customers and start accepting cryptocurrency. Crypto payments offer benefits like:

  • faster transactions,
  • lower transaction fees,
  • and increased security if we compare them to traditional payment methods.

Let’s learn how blockchain works in payments and what you need to start enjoying the advantages of this revolutionary technology.

How do blockchain payments work?

Blockchain uses the decentralized and transparent nature of blockchain technology. When a customer makes a crypto expense, the cryptocurrency’s nodes must verify the transaction. Later, the information about this transaction is added to the blockchain. Once confirmed on the blockchain, the merchant receives the funds in their wallet.

Let’s explore how companies can start accepting crypto payments.

Why do we need a blockchain payment system?

If you need to accept digital payments, your only option to succeed is via a crypto payment gateway. Or a third-party payment processor accepting payments from customers to your wallet. A payment gateway allows issuing multiple invoices and generating different crypto addresses.

Apart from address generation, crypto gateways can suggest additional features. For example, BitHide provides privacy and anonymity in transactions. It also allows for eliminating the KYC/AML procedures.

Benefits of blockchain in payments?

Let’s investigate why companies may be interested in using crypto payments:

Anonymity is a crucial feature of blockchain payment systems. Not all solutions are the same, though. Different solutions grant various levels of anonymity. For instance, BitHide uses the Dark Wing technology embracing TOR and VPN to ensure complete anonymity.

Blockchain payment processing systems are secure. The transactions are on a decentralized and immutable ledger. This makes it difficult for hackers to alter or tamper with transaction data. It ensures the integrity of the payment system.

Low transaction fees are a significant advantage of blockchain payment systems. For instance, BitHide's solution features fund withdrawal during lower commissions. This enables users to lower transaction fees.

Blockchain payment systems are designed to enable fast and efficient transactions. Thus allowing for near-instant transfers of funds without the need for intermediaries. BitHide's solution, for example, leverages the speed and efficiency of blockchain technology. At the same time allows seamless and quick payment processing that can enhance the user experience.

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BitHide Payment Solution

BitHide solution offers unique features that differentiate it from other payment gateways.

Our comprehensive guidance lets your tech specialist set up the system fast. You will have it up and running in less than one working day.

With BitHide, you can connect and manage many merchants within a single wallet. This makes it convenient for businesses with a global presence. This multi-merchant account management feature allows companies to streamline their payment processes. You can rely on it to track all transactions and manage funds across multiple merchants. You will be doing it all from one centralized wallet.

BitHide ensures complete anonymity of transactions with two key features. First, you store all data on your servers. As a result, KYC and AML procedures are up to you only. Second, your wallet's address remains undetected with our Dark Wing technology. It includes 2-stage data protection with VPN and TOR. This makes your wallet’s IP address completely undetectable.

BitHide helps you analyze the riskiness of your transactions. When our tool detects a risky trade, BitHide notifies you. It even suggests quarantining the funds. You can diversify your cryptocurrency based on the riskiness of the transaction. You can withdraw quarantined funds separately.

BitHide offers flexible auto-withdrawal functionality with various settings. For example, you can withdraw funds whenever a new transaction occurs. You can even postpone the withdrawal. Make it happen at a particular time when the blockchain commission is lower.

BitHide offers comprehensive reporting features. They focus on generating reports and balance sheets. Thus making it easy to manage your turnover. With detailed reporting, you can gain insights into your payment transactions. By tracking your business performance, you can optimize your financial management.

BitHide offers secure data backups. This includes critical and transaction data. This feature ensures that your data and coins are safe in case of hardware failures.

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Options for using the blockchain payment system

Using BitHide as an example, let's see the options
Crypto wallet for business
Crypto wallet for business

Crypto wallet for business

We allow companies to have their customizable crypto wallets. It enables secure storage, lets transfers faster, and helps you to receive cryptocurrencies.

Crypto wallet for business
Crypto wallet for business

Casino crypto gateway

Use BitHide as a payment gateway for online casinos. We provide secure and transparent transactions with cryptocurrencies. Multi-vendor accounts are possible.

Crypto wallet for business
Crypto wallet for business

White-label crypto wallet

Our company offers a white-label solution. This allows businesses to have branded crypto wallets for different vendors.

Crypto wallet for business
Crypto wallet for business

Crypto wallet for gambling

At our company, we cater to the unique needs of the gambling industry. Secure and transparent crypto wallets for online gambling platforms are our specialty. Thus ensuring safe and efficient transactions.

This is not even a complete list of options. Most importantly, BitHide gives customers a secure and transparent way to pay, and only you decide what businesses you’d like to serve with its help.

How to integrate a payment system on the blockchain?

The easiest option to integrate a payment system on the blockchain is to use a third-party service. This section shows how to do it with BitHide as an example.

  • Step 1: Inquiry BitHide’s quotation and get payment gateway software you can install on your servers.
  • Step 2: Install BitHide on your private server. Later, connect it to your software, website, platform, or in-app payment process. You need to follow our guide to ensure proper integration.
  • Step 3: Enjoy a variety of cryptocurrency options at your points of sale. Once you integrate our solution, you can start accepting cryptocurrency from your customers. Depending on your needs, the payment process will involve generating a unique crypto address for each transaction or client.

The future of payment systems on the blockchain

Detailed elaboration of payment systems' future takes time to predict. But they will continue to evolve and witness increased adoption. Merchants and businesses may consider integrating blockchain-based payment systems as soon as possible. This will offer customers more payment options. It will also leverage the advantages of blockchain technology.

Stay ahead in the evolving landscape of digital payments. Integrate blockchain-based payment systems to expand your options. Enjoy payment anonymity and security.


Are blockchain payment systems secure?

Since transactions are cryptographically signed, they are secure. Access your wallet from web devices. This includes mobile ones. In all cases, the privacy and identity of the user are maintained.

Security depends more on the human factor. Until private keys are hidden from third parties, your wallet is secure. So, do not disclose this information to anyone and host the transaction data on your server. The safety of funds and data is completely in your hands.

Moreover, some crypto gateways allow for more anonymity than others. At BitHide, we prioritize your privacy by keeping your IP address concealed. We utilize our customized Dark Wing technology, which combines TOR and VPN, to hide your IP address and enhance the security of your wallet.

What industries can benefit from using blockchain payment solutions?

Every business must continually improve to stay up-to-date and on the edge of technology. Any company can benefit from some critical features like low commissions. Or the possibility to get new customers from all over the world and lower fraud risk and the chance of chargebacks. Domains using blockchain the most are financial services, gaming, gambling, dating, etc.

What are the challenges and limitations of blockchain payment systems?

Let's summarize the challenges and limitations:

  • Cloud-based solutions are subject to KYC/AML compliance regulationsCloud-based solutions for blockchain payment systems have limitations. This is because of the nature of storing data on external servers. These servers are owned and managed by third-party providers. These limitations arise from the compliance regulations. Take, for instance, KYC or AML. Regulatory bodies require businesses to collect and verify their customers' personal information. They do so to prevent illegal activities like money laundering, fraud, and terrorist financing.

    Here is where an anonymous gateway comes in handy. BitHide is stored on your private servers, which makes you the only data owner. Moreover, VPN and TOR protect your IP address so that you can avoid KYC and AML compliance.

  • Most solutions have restrictions on the coins they acceptMost solutions have restrictions on the coins they accept. It is due to technical limitations, market demand, and regulatory compliance. However, BitHide addresses this limitation by supporting many popular coins. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Tron, USDT, and other cryptocurrencies are among them. We provide businesses with flexibility in accepting multiple digital currencies. This allows us to cater to the diverse needs of their customers.
  • Withdrawal fees can differ due to the volatility of blockchain commissionsThe solution should have low transaction fees to make it cost-effective for a customer and a merchant. To cope with this limitation, BitHide has a feature that automatically withdraws funds. As a result, the withdrawal is made during the lower commissions. Thus, you can lower the transaction fees.

How can I choose the right blockchain payment solution for my business?

Consider your business needs, scalability, security, and anonymity. BitHide offers:

  • improved anonymity,
  • absence of KYC/AML checks,
  • risk transaction detection,
  • support for many merchant accounts,
  • multiple-user access,
  • and flexible withdrawal fee optimization.

If you haven’t chosen our solution, try BitHide and leverage blockchain technology in payment processes.

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