Ready-to-deploy white label crypto wallet

If you’d like to get rid of the development of your crypto wallet and still wouldn’t like to use a third-party-branded solution to accept crypto payments, buy white label crypto currency wallet BitHide. It has the same functionality the company provides for its users but still allows you to label the solution in line with your brand book.

By installing BitHide, you’ll be able to enjoy the list of its major features:

  • Do everything you’ve got used to doing with your regular crypto wallet. This includes encrypting and storing your transaction information, transferring, and accepting cryptocurrency.
  • Enjoy the privacy of all the transactions by installing BitHide and storing all the transaction data on your private servers.
  • Generate multiple crypto addresses for payments and manage them in one account. It enables your business to function regardless of the number of daily transactions you have.
  • Control your funds yourself with no account suspensions or blocks.
  • Use a crypto wallet white label to brand your solution and set up a seamless integration with your product.
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White label wallet salient features

If your project is looking for an anonymous white label crypto wallet app, check the BitHide features to learn why it's the best option on the market. Spoiler: it secures all the transactions, including ones for high-risk domains.

Hide your wallet location by using the Dark Wing technology. There are two stages of your wallet anonymization. First, VPN muddles blockchain nodes for wallet access, and then, TOR hides its physical location.

Get rid of AML and KYC compliances. Since BitHide is installed on your servers, you can place it everywhere you wish. It means that the regulation jurisdiction depends only on your server’s location. Moreover, being the only owner of your wallet data, it’s up to you whether to unveil any personal information to any third parties.

Use white label crypto wallet by BitHide if you manage multiple websites that need to accept crypto payments. BitHide allows you to manage all the transactions in one account. Moreover, it helps create multi-brand wallets to distinguish your brands.

Get protected from harmful crypto operations and keep your crypto wallet reputation high. BitHide uses a detection tool that helps determine the risk level for each transaction. Once it is detected, BitHide mitigates risks by quarantining these transactions if necessary.

Unlike most crypto wallets, BitHide protects your assets from loss by providing safe data backups. These backups store your key and transaction details. In case of occasion, you can restore your data from the reserve server backup.

Add a variety of merchants and entitle different types of users with different user rights. BitHide allows adding many user access levels and setting custom restrictions for each. This way, no unwelcome users will have access to the company’s sensitive data.

Unlike most other crypto wallets, BitHide embraces multiple administrative features that help operate the business efficiently. With our solution you not only add multiple merchants to one account but can create the balance report and coordinate other reporting for all these entities.

Instant transactions using cryptocurrency

Accept instant transactions

By accepting cryptocurrency, your transactions are made instantly , with all the checkups made on the go. Meanwhile, if you are afraid of accepting transactions from suspicious accounts, BitHide allows to detect and quarantine them in advance, which prevents your account from the spoilage risk.

Use one wallet for all transactions

Companies doing business with dozens of merchants in different locations require a convenient payment solution to be able manage accounting in one place. BitHide allows businesses operating on more than one website and requiring multiple transaction addresses to use one wallet for as many merchants as they need. With a white-label solution , companies can use BitHide and still brand their wallets on different platforms differently , which helps to distinguish the products .

Control your withdrawal fee

As the withdrawal fee is variable and depends on multiple factors such as network congestion and cryptocurrency, it’s important to have the ability to influence its cost to minimize expenses. The auto-withdrawal tool helps optimize the withdrawal fee by estimating the current blockchain network congestion and transaction size in real time.


Why use our crypto wallet?

Although there are a different solutions on the market, BitHide makes all the crypto transactions untraceable by storing data on customer’s servers and masking it with the Dark Wing technology. This guarantees the complete anonymity of your transactions by preventing them from tracking by any third parties. Moreover, for multi-merchants, BitHide offers a lot of administrative functionality that helps companies easily operate motley cryptocurrency transactions.

How does our white label crypto wallet work?

Using BitHide, your team can seamlessly integrate our technology into your solution with no third-party support required. First, you install BitHide on your servers. Second, you setup your account and brand your wallets. Third, you start using BitHide and enjoying its features. Thanks to the Dark Wing technology that combines TOR and VPN masking, you can be assured all your transactions are anonymized. BitHide fits different types of businesses, from ecom accepting crypto payments as one of the options to Web3 and grey-hat projects for which crypto may be the only option to pay.

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