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If you are looking for a completely crypto wallet anonymous for your business, including casinos, cryptocurrency exchanges, or dating agencies, pay attention to BitHide and investigate its features.

To provide the full anonymity of your crypto wallet, you need to install it on your servers and keep full control over the transaction data. However, with the engagement of only one tech specialist and detailed guidelines provided, you can easily install the BitHide solution.

Being an anonymous crypto wallet, BitHide doesn't disclose transaction details to any third parties. So first, you need to install BitHide on your private servers to make your data untraceable. Then, with the Dark Wing technology (simultaneous use of TOR and VPN), BitHide hides your IP address, so no third parties will be able to track your wallet and its structure.

With BitHide, you can stop caring about AML and KYC compliances because you store all the data and don't need to disclose any information to third parties. Moreover, with the level of BitHide's anonymity, third parties won't even be able to detect your IP address.

With BitHide, you can distinguish the transaction streams by their level of riskiness. The solution verifies the transaction risk and warns about any harmful transactions. Once the suspicious transaction is detected, BitHide sets it apart and, on request, can stop proceeding it further. This feature allows you to differentiate transactions by their riskiness and even withdraw these funds separately.

If you need to add a few different merchants to your wallet, get balance reports, or add several users with different administrative rights, BitHide is the right solution. Being focused on businesses with multiple revenue sources and companies with a turnover of $300K+/mo, BitHide tailored such administrative functionality, which allows managing these cases with ease.

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Can you have an anonymous crypto wallet?

Most crypto wallets are not anonymous but pseudonymous because third parties monitor the node activities, and cloud storage providers keeping this data are obligated to share such information with official bodies on request.

However, an anonymous crypto wallet exists. Meet BitHide and enjoy its anonymity, with all the data stored on your servers and transactions hidden with the VPN and TOR technologies. VPN and TOR allow protecting your IP address, whereas the private servers where your wallet is stored allow protecting the transaction data from KYC, AML, and other third-party monitoring.

How can BitHide help?

The number one advantage of BitHide is that it keeps your privacy.

It features all the functionality of the traditional crypto wallet, including transaction information encryption and storage and the possibility to transfer and receive cryptocurrency.

To support the privacy of stored transactions, our software stores all the data only on the private servers of its users. This guarantees that no third parties have access to that data regardless of their justification.

It masks your wallet location with the Dark Wing technology, which consists of two encryption stages, VPN and TOR. It allows you to hide your identity completely. How does this work? With VPN, the wallet accesses the blockchain nodes and then, TOR makes your physical address untraceable.

There is no need for AML and KYC anymore. Start working with no AML/KYC compliance and let all your users transfer money to your wallet painlessly, with no need to unveil the coin source. Meanwhile, BitHide, with no information disclosure, detects the risky transactions and quarantines them to stop further activities with suspicious transactions.

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The number one advantage of BitHide is that it keeps your privacy.

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Can a crypto wallet be anonymous?

Yes, some crypto wallets have more anonymity than others. For example, BitHide is one of such. It keeps your privacy by storing data transactions on your servers and using the Dark Wing technology.

What is the most anonymous crypto wallet?

Since there is no confirmed rating for the best anonymous crypto wallet, BitHide totally can be such. So, why is this crypto wallet anonymous? It stores data on your own servers and uses the Dark Wing technology to keep privacy.

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