What is a cryptocurrency payment gateway?

A crypto payment gateway is like an online cash register for businesses. It allows companies to accept coin payments in Tether, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tron, or other coins. Each transaction gets a unique code the buyer can use to send their cryptocurrency to the seller. First, the payment gateway confirms the payment. Then, it allocates the transferred cryptocurrency to the seller's crypto wallet. Once the payment is allocated, the business can deliver the services or goods it has charged for.

Why is it important to have a crypto payment gateway and accept crypto payments in India?

Accepting crypto payments in India can be important for several reasons:

Access to a growing market

More and more people in India are using cryptocurrencies. And a lot of businesses are starting to accept coins as payment. By accepting crypto, companies can appeal to customers who like using this means of payment. This is especially true for industries like gaming, dating, or e-commerce.

Enhanced security

Crypto payment gateways use advanced security techniques to protect transactions. Such software can have extra features such as multifactor authentication, encryption, and fraud detection. Moreover, crypto gateways help prevent unauthorized access.

Global transactions

Cryptocurrencies let Indian businesses accept fees from customers worldwide. They can do so without complicating it with money exchange issues. This can help companies to reach new markets and make international transactions easier. Businesses in India can receive cryptocurrency from clients anywhere. And transaction fees for such transactions are lower.


Crypto transactions are more private than traditional bank ones. This means you can send and receive payments without giving away personal information. But note that most crypto gateways only provide "pseudo-anonymity." Third parties can still see your walletʼs IP address and analyze how it works. However, some crypto gateways differ. BitHide, for example, uses the Dark Wing technology. It has two encryption stages (VPN and TOR) that increase security and anonymity. These stages help to hide the physical wallet's address.

BitHide Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway in India

Let's investigate the functionality provided by BitHide for its Indian clients:

BitHide conceals your IP address with its Dark Wing technology, with the help of TOR and VPN. It ensures that no third parties can track your wallet's IP address or its structure. Thus, we can vouch for improving privacy. Together with data kept on your private servers, your wallet will remain safe and impeccable.

BitHide's software warns about harmful dealings. It also allocates risky transactions to a separate account. The tool does this independently. Later, you can approve further processing of such transactions. The separate withdrawal process for such funds is available either.

BitHide allows you to manage payments aimed for different vendors in one place. Regardless of the number of businesses you combine, the analytics is incorporated in one place. This feature is extremely useful for companies managing multi businesses.

BitHide makes withdrawing money easier by automating the process. This includes automatic and API-driven withdrawals. Such an approach can also help you save money. How? By reducing the costs associated with fluctuations in blockchain fees. BitHide allows for inspecting the periods of lower fees and enables the auto-withdrawals during these periods.

BitHide enables you to differentiate access rights and corresponding functionality. With BitHide, you can assign different access types to certain people or roles. As your company grows, this ensures transparency and control. You can assign roles that can reach your wallet's private information.

The 'Know Your Customer' and ‘Anti Money Laundering’ procedures work like standard payment approaches for cryptocurrency incomes. The process involves verifying the customer's identity and the fund sources. BitHide prioritizes anonymity and prevents transaction detail disclosure to third parties. You store all data on your servers so no third parties can access it. Thus, only you decide whether the transactions you serve are subject to KYC/AML requirements.

BitHide allows the creation of standard and specific reports for each merchant account. Moreover, pivot balance sheets are also available here. This way, it is easy for businesses to manage the payment turnover and focus on scaling the most profitable income channels.

With BitHide, you can make different branding for various clients. This way, you can organize your own processing and deliver crypto processing services under your own brand.

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Thanks to the variety of features, BitHide can be considered the best crypto payment gateway in India.

How does the BitHide payment gateway work?

If you have an online store or website and want to accept cryptocurrency, try BitHide. Here's how it works:

  • Installation. Install BitHide on your private servers in accordance with our guides. The process will take less than one business day.
  • Integration. You can integrate BitHide into your online platform or app.
  • Cryptocurrency Selection. BitHide supports various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Customers can choose their preferred cryptocurrency as the payment method.
  • Customer Payment. Once a customer selects to pay with crypto, BitHide generates a unique wallet address. The customer then sends the cryptocurrency to the provided wallet address.
  • Confirmation. BitHide verifies the transaction and confirms it. Later, crypto is allocated to the seller’s wallet so that he can deliver goods or services to the client.

If you still doubt what software to use to accept crypto, ask for BitHide’s installation package. With our clear guidance, you’ll be able to start accepting coins in less than one business day.


How do I pay with crypto in India?

If you’d like to settle with your contractors in crypto, ensure they accept crypto payments. For this, they need to use a payment gateway generating unique crypto addresses for each transaction or payee. Once you get the address to pay to, use it to make a payment.

How can I accept crypto payments in India?

You can integrate a trusted cryptocurrency gateway to accept cryptocurrency in India. In the case of BitHide, install it on your servers. Then incorporate this solution into your online website or app. Customers can then choose their preferred cryptocurrency at checkout. Later, expect the cryptocurrency payment in your designated wallet.

Unfortunately, without using a crypto wallet, businesses can’t accept coin payments. The reason is that without such software, businesses cannot generate multiple crypto addresses to make payments unique and trackable. As a result, it’s impossible to detect which client paid for which services. With a crypto wallet, the process is easy and scalable.

What cryptocurrencies are supported by your payment gateway services?

BitHide's payment gateway services benefit many businesses, including those considered high-risk. These include online gambling platforms, dating websites, and online casinos. Customers can enjoy BitHide's secure and anonymous crypto gateway. BitHide offers a complete solution for accepting crypto. It has many features, such as:

  • tracking transactions,
  • quarantining risky ones,
  • and prioritizing anonymity.

Additionally, businesses in industries prioritizing customer privacy can enjoy BitHide's services. So if your business is in finance, legal, and gaming, give it a go.

How does the integration process work for your payment gateway services?

Depending on the payment gateway, the integration process may be different. In the case of BitHide, you need the on-server installation. It allows for keeping your data private and prevents third-party access. Our detailed guidance lets your tech specialist set up the system in less than one working day.

How secure are your payment gateway services?

Some crypto payment gateways don't keep your information private and secure. For example, they might share it with others or freeze your account if legal bodies suspect illegal activity.

BitHide's payment gateway is different because it's very focused on security. We use advanced encryption to protect customer data and transactions.

BitHide also uses a unique technology called Dark Wing. It combines TOR and VPN to hide wallets' IP addresses, adding a layer of privacy and security.

BitHide cares about protecting customer data and keeping transactions private. Our clients store data on their private servers to ensure its safety.

Are there any geographical restrictions on using your payment gateway services in India?

BitHide is accessible to businesses all around the world, including India.

There are no geographical restrictions for using our software, so don’t delay and start using BitHide today.

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