What is a high-risk payment gateway?

Payment gateways for high risk business is a reliable payment processor serving risky businesses efficiently. It allows you to accept transactions with different risk levels harmlessly.

BitHide, one of the top high risk payment gateways, legally eliminates the AML and KYC procedures and thus guarantees your account won’t be suspended regardless of the transactions you accept. Moreover, it allows differentiating the payment streams by the risk level to let you withdraw such funds separately.

What are high-risk industries?

High-risk industries are domains considered risky from the side of payment-card processors. Usually these domains cover verticals with a higher share of suspicious activities as compared to low-risk verticals.

Why is it important for high-risk industries to choose the payment gateway they use attentively? Since such domains often need to cope with suspicious transactions, the gateway they use must manage such transactions efficiently, with no breaks.

BitHide is the best payment gateway for high risk business, which include but are not limited to:

  • Forex brokers, CFD brokers, or crypto brokers
  • Dating
  • Adult
  • Essay writing
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Cryptocurrency-backed investment

How to find a payment gateway for high-risk businesses?

Running high-risk service can become annoying from a financial point of view because of the possible third-party control. Even if you use cryptocurrency as means of payment, an inappropriately chosen payment gateway high risk business can lead to overemphasis from the side of the legal institutions. So let’s observe the characteristics required from the cryptocurrency payment gateways for high-risk businesses:

Since high-risk businesses are often associated with suspicious payments, keeping transaction data anonymous can protect your business from account suspensions and legal issues.

Although most cryptocurrency payment gateways claim their anonymity, actually, they aren’t. Node transactions are monitored by the legal institutions, which then can investigate the full fund flow history made through your wallet and detect your IP address. Later, it’s even possible to associate the IP address with your real physical address.

With BitHide, you get rid of such challenges and concentrate on your business instead. Being installed on your private servers, BitHide allows bypassing KYC and AML compliance procedures. In addition, TOR and VPN guarantee IP address protection.

Regardless of how anonymous your payment gateway is, verifying all the transactions on suspicious activities is essential because they can spoil all the wallet history if they are not set apart timely. This allows for keeping your wallet balanced and transparent.

BitHide monitors blockchain transactions thanks to up to 100,000 hops. So once the suspicious activity is detected, BitHide will warn you. You can mitigate further risks and distinguish transactions accordingly by detecting such funds.

Assure you can separate your transactions according to their level of riskiness. Having this functionality, you can withdraw suspicious funds in another manner to protect your business from legal issues and remain an anonymous cryptocurrency holder for third parties.

BitHide not only verifies all the incoming transactions and warns you about the insecure ones but also quarantines suspicious funds on request for as long as required. With auto-withdrawal, you get complete control over your transactions. You can withdraw your risky funds separately and only when the set conditions are met.

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How can BitHide help?

Apart from anonymity, transaction verification, and quarantine of risky payments, BitHide can boast the traditional functionality of a cryptocurrency payment gateway required by businesses. So let’s review how BitHide helps

With anonymity guaranteed by BitHide, you can legally avoid KYC and AML compliance procedures because only you are the keeper of all the transaction data, and your IP address is carefully hidden.

Developed as a high-risk payment gateway, BitHide allows using one wallet for as many merchants as you need. Companies running multiple websites and requiring multiple transaction addresses can easily combine all their data in one wallet and manage these funds from one wallet interface.

Understanding the volume of transactions your business can process daily, BitHide added the function of drawing up a balance sheet in one click. Apart from a pivot balance sheet, you can generate separate sheets by merchants you run and differentiate balance sheets by specific periods.

Since the withdrawal fee varies depending on the blockchain network congestion, transaction confirmation times, and transaction size, BitHide developed a feature to estimate the blockchain withdrawal fee in real time. This allows tuning the auto-withdrawal tool in such a way as to minimize your withdrawal fee.

Unlike most high-risk payment gateways, BitHide allows you to safely back up your transaction data and quickly recover it on request.

The more administrative staff you have, the more attentively you need to limit their access rights to your payment gateway solution. BitHide allows assigning as many roles to every person as you need, which means your employees will be able to view or edit only those merchant records that they are eligible to. Meanwhile, access to the protected records will be limited.

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What is a high-risk product?

A high-risk product operates on the edge of legal and semi-legal activities. Often, transactions run by such products are controlled by the legal bodies in detail, which considerably complicates the account management for such businesses.

What is considered a high-risk business?

A high-risk business is a business, which share of accepted suspicious transactions exceeds this indicator performed by a low-risk business. The payment processing for such businesses may have certain local limitations.

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