Crypto processing tailored for all business models

Any business model can be accommodated here by setting up crypto processing as a separate service or smoothly integrating it into your current processes. We have everything covered, from gaming and dating to Forex and cryptocurrency brokers.

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Other businesses accepting crypto payments

Like other commercial crypto wallets, BitHide allows for accepting crypto payments for any single business. It helps generate multiple crypto addresses for different invoices so that you control all the payments made.

For businesses running multiple websites and so having many merchants, BitHide allows adding as many entities to BitHide’s account as required. This way, all of the merchants will enjoy the functionality BitHide provides to single-merchant businesses. However, additionally to that, you'll be able to manage all these transactions in one account. In this case, multi-merchant businesses can easily generate pivot reports in one place and get meaningful insights that help them make smart decisions. As long as your business expands, you can add other users and assign them different administrative rights.

Our crypto merchant solution is equally suitable for white-hat businesses that would like to accept crypto payments and those companies whose domains are considered risky in terms of payment card processing. BitHide delivers a secure and reliable payment gateway and a crypto wallet to be installed on your server. For companies requiring a brand crypto merchant solution, BitHide suggests a white label.

Our merchant solution is your gateway to the crypto world

BitHide delivers merchant services for crypto transactions online you can trust and, while executing your projects, keep peace of mind. There are three key characteristics that guarantee this:

Crypto processing is powered by the Dark Wing technology that features TOR and VPN encryption. This way, cryptocurrency payments become undetectable. Transfer fees are paid out of a different account, making payment sources untraceable.

The platform does not gather or keep customer data. BitHide crypto merchant services suggest two flagship solutions - wallet and crypto payment gateway - are set up on users’ servers. As a result, merchants are the only owners of their data, so they decide whether to go through KYC and AML procedures.

By accepting suspicious transactions, you can jeopardize your own wallet. This may lead to account suspension. BitHide’s crypto merchant solution may help. BitHide automatically detects suspicious transactions and suggests quarantining them. As a result, your main wallet will remain impeccable, with no problem for money withdrawal. As for the quarantined funds, you can withdraw them separately.

How do businesses benefit from BitHide?

As a traditional cryptocurrency payment gateway, BitHide offers the essential features like acceptance of crypto payments or storage of transaction data. However, its functionality is much wider.

The concept of BitHide’s crypto merchant services supposes the installation of the solution on your private servers. Being the only legal owner of your data, it’s up to you whether to disclose your information for KYC and AML compliance procedures.

With BitHide you can add as many merchants to your account as you need. This feature suits businesses operating multiple websites. Also, this solution helps those looking for a white label to brand their solutions. Using BitHide, multi-merchant businesses can operate separate wallets. Meanwhile, the management of operations will be from one account. This includes the creation of balance sheets and other reports.

BitHide introduced the capability of creating a balance sheet with only one click. It is available for any number of transactions your firm does each day. You can create separate balance sheets for each of the merchants you operate and separating them by distinct time periods. Moreover, you can also use a pivot balance sheet.

BitHide created a tool to predict the blockchain withdrawal cost in real time because it varies based on the blockchain network congestion, transaction confirmation times, and transaction size. This enables you to adjust the auto-withdrawal functionality to lower your withdrawal fee.

In contrast to the majority of payment gateways, BitHide crypto-friendly merchant services let you securely save your transaction data and promptly retrieve it upon request.

You need to restrict administrative staff members' access to your payment gateway solution as long as their count increases. Because BitHide enables you to assign as many roles to each individual as you require, only the merchant records that each employee is authorized to view or alter will be accessible to them. Access to the protected records will be restricted respectively.

Send, receive, store, and accept cryptocurrencies as easily as possible

BitHide crypto-friendly merchant services strive to deliver a frictionless customer experience.

Methods As Possible - 1
Methods As Possible - 1

Send and receive crypto payments anonymously. For this, the Dark Wing technology combines VPN to access the blockchain nodes and TOR hides your real address.

Methods As Possible - 2
Methods As Possible - 2

Store the transaction data on your private servers to keep full control of it, including the legal bypassing of AML and KYC compliance procedures.

Methods As Possible - 3
Methods As Possible - 3

Enjoy the additional merchant functionality to analyze your transactions and get timely insights.


What is a crypto merchant?

A crypto merchant may be any vendor or retailer that sells products or services and accepts cryptocurrencies as a payment method. With the BitHide crypto merchant solution, business owners can monitor each of their multiple brands literally on the screen of a device. Add multiple merchants to your account and coordinate their crypto transactions from one place.

How do I accept payments on crypto?

The BitHide crypto payment gateway is very simple to include in your present processes. Send us your request, and we'll offer you the chance to download the app. Complete the integration, and then you can start accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment option for your clients.

Got a question?

Ask them in the feedback form. A BitHide specialist will get back to you as soon as possible.