Accept Litecoin payments

Being created in 2011 as a fork of the Bitcoin protocol, Litecoin is often referred to as the "silver" to Bitcoin's "gold," and it is one of the oldest and most widely-used cryptocurrencies. While it is not as well-known as Bitcoin, it is still relatively popular and has a significant user base. In addition, Litecoin has several other features, such as faster transaction confirmation times and improved storage efficiency, that make it appealing to some users.

In their turn, businesses looking at how to become more attractive to their potential customers are working on expanding the number of coins they accept. It is at this point that the Litecoin payment gateway comes in handy. So let's discuss how your business could seize this opportunity.

What is a Litecoin payment gateway?

Litecoin payment gateway is the software allowing businesses to accept LTC. However, apart from assuring the LTC transactions, such software can have much more functionality. Let's investigate the example of BitHide and what other features can be covered:

  • Security. Your transaction and your wallet structure can remain anonymous forever.
  • Reliability. You can quarantine suspicious transactions.
  • Multi-merchant approach. You can manage multiple merchant wallets from one account.
  • Auto-withdrawal. You can trigger automatic fund withdrawals.
  • Accountability. You can build balance sheets for each of your merchants separately and pivot them if required.

However, selecting the most appropriate LTC gateway is quite a complex process, so let's explore these and other BitHide's features in more detail.

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Features of Litecoin payment gateway

If you'd like your users to pay with Litecoin, just consider the major functionality of BitHide, one of the best anonymous LTC payment gateways:

With the combination of VPN and TOR technologies, BitHide can make the wallet untraceable for third parties. While TOR anonymizes your web browsing, VPN allows for reaching the blockchain nodes.

BitHide automatically identifies suspicious transactions and quarantines them on a separate account. This way, your major account will forever remain impeccable. Meanwhile, you can easily withdraw the quarantined funds and the funds from your main account separately.

Being developed for corporate needs, BitHide allows for easy multi-account management. Just add BiHide to all the merchants you run and analyze the efficiency of your strategies. Build pivot tables, create balance sheets and differentiate your revenue sources.

The bigger your company becomes, the more people can have access to your cryptocurrency gateway account. However, with BitHide, it does not mean all the managers will have the same rights. Just create different roles for your employees and assign functionality according to their needs.

With BitHide, you can either select an API-driven withdrawal or trigger this process according to the set parameters. This allows you to minimize the fee costs associated with the withdrawal process and choose time with the best exchange rates.

How does the Litecoin payment gateway work?

If you still need clarification about whether you need a crypto payment gateway, let's discuss how it works. Imagine you have one website where you'd like to let your users pay for goods or services with LTC. In this case, you incorporate a Litecoin payment gateway into your website and start issuing invoices to pay for goods or services. Once the gateway confirms the transaction, its data goes to the payment processor responsible for settling the transfer and writing off the funds. Afterward, you, as a merchant, can deliver the goods or the services to the client.

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LTC payment methods

There are several ways to pay with cryptocurrency:

  • Online payment gateways. Many online merchants now accept LTC as a form of transaction, using payment gateways such as BitHide.
  • Peer-to-peer transactions. You can also send LTC directly to another person without needing a third-party service. However, in the case of corporate payments, this option doesn't work well because it doesn't allow for issuing multiple invoices. As a result, the management of this payment method becomes challenging.

How Litecoin payments are useful for your business

Why do companies need to add LTC payment methods to their software? First, being a global low-fee payment solution, Litecoin can be considered an excellent option to widen the range. This way, more customers will be able to pay for your services and goods without using exchanges or buying LTC. Moreover, LTC is among the top 20 most popular coins on the market, which makes it desirable to accept.

Benefits of using Litecoin payments on BitHide

Let’s summarize the advantage of Litecoin payments with BitHide:

  • Anonymity and security of payments.
  • Reliability of the wallet structure.
  • Multi-merchant account management.
  • Triggered withdrawals.
  • Multi-role access to the software.
  • Convenient accounting.
  • Possibility to accept other coins like bitcoin.

This means that with BitHide you can accept Litecoin payments and do much more.

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What is Litecoin payment method?

This is an option to accept LTC as a digital payment. This way, your business needs to have an active Litecoin wallet and a payment gateway allowing for Litecoin transactions. Once you have them, enjoy issuing Litecoin invoices and getting such transfers.

How to accept Litecoin payments on your site?

With BitHide, it's relatively easy to start accepting LTC. Create an LTC wallet, install BitHide, and incorporate this gateway into your software. You can start accepting Litecoin now.

Which payment gateway is best for cryptocurrency?

The best solutions are reliable, secure, easy to use, and affordable. BitHide fits all four parameters perfectly, making it highly preferable. By verifying all the transactions' origins, BitHide assures the solution's reliability. Furthermore, with TOR and VPN, BitHide guarantees security and anonymity. Multiple features designed for multi-merchant businesses make BitHide convenient and UX-friendly for users. Meanwhile, the auto-withdrawal functionality allows for cutting fee costs.

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