What is a payment gateway for gambling?

If you manage one or a few gambling websites or applications and want to accept cryptocurrency, it is impossible to do without a payment gateway. A payment gateway is a solution that allows you to accept crypto to your wallet. This tool generates multiple crypto addresses, a unique one for each transaction. This allows you to differentiate the payments later.

Moreover, the gateway’s security and reliability doesn’t take a back seat when it comes to the specificity of a payment gateway for gambling. The anonymity of your clients and the impeccability of your wallet’s structure are the No.1 priority. This means that a payment gateway for gambling needs to guarantee all of these. If you are looking for one, try BitHide. It assures all the functions mentioned above and even more.

Gambling payment processing

Let’s explore how gambling payment processing works. If you have a gambling platform and want to start accepting crypto, your first step is creating your crypto account. Step two is to choose online gambling payment processors and connect one of them to your platform. In the case of BitHide, for instance, you install the gateway on your servers, which allows for higher privacy, anonymity, and security.

Once your payment gateway is connected, you can start accepting crypto. Once a user wants to make a payment, your crypto gateway generates a unique address, which is sent to the user. After the transaction, a payment gateway for casino checks whether the funds are transferred successfully and allocates them to your account. Afterward, you get payment confirmation and can deliver the bought services or products to the user.

This is online gambling payment processing on the fingers.

​​Problems with payments faced by the gambling business

If you haven't used gambling payment gateways yet, you can be unaware of problems that often occur. So let's consider the most crucial of them.

Although blockchain transactions are claimed to be highly protected and secure, there are legal parties that can monitor them. How this works. If you use a server-based payment processor, the cloud server stores all the transaction data. Since cloud providers must share their data upon legal request, your data is not private. Therefore, third parties monitor the transactions. They can initiate more activities if your wallet loses its impeccability.

If third parties can monitor your transactions, neither you nor your clients can remain in a safe place. Cloud providers are obligated to share data for KYC/AML verification. This means that once you accept a risky transaction, both your and your clients' accounts will be under the additional inspection of the legal bodies. This refers not only to the wallets of the offender and your wallet but to other users of your gambling platform.

The biggest problem that can occur is the suspension of your wallet with all the funds on it. To prevent this problem, you need to choose a secure payment processor that can prevent any injections into the data it stores.

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How to choose an online gambling payment gateway?

Let’s investigate the most important parameters when choosing an online gambling payment gateway.

Risks of Using a Non-Custodial Wallet - 1
Methods As Possible - 1


Choose a solution that allows your wallet to remain anonymous regardless of the transactions it accepts. For this, pay attention to the payment gateways that mess up the traces and make your physical address unreachable.

Risks of Using a Non-Custodial Wallet - 2
Methods As Possible - 2


Use solutions that store data on your private servers. Only this allows for the real privacy of your data.

Risks of Using a Non-Custodial Wallet - 3
Methods As Possible - 3

Transaction monitoring

Pay attention to the solutions that can identify the risky transactions and quarantine these funds. This enables the impeccability of your wallet.

Risks of Using a Non-Custodial Wallet - 4
Methods As Possible - 4

Additional functionality

Review what other functions the tool unveils. The most convenient ones include the auto- or API-withdrawal functionality. Also, they cover convenient reporting, or multi-branding in case you run multiple merchants.

BitHide product features

Let’s consider the full variety of BitHide’s functionality that can be beneficial for casinos:

Standard crypto payment gateways can’t guarantee the anonymity of your IP address, which means that accepting suspicious transactions you compromise your entire wallet. Since the gambling domain is often associated with grey-hat transactions, the anonymity of your IP address matters. BitHide ensures it with a unique Dark Wing technology, which simultaneously combines the VPN and TOR usage.

By processing grey-hat transactions, it’s important to be able to differentiate them from the white-hat ones. BitHide allows keeping your wallet structure impeccable. The software warns about any suspicious transactions and separates them into another account.

Withdrawal of funds may become annoying if not made automatically. With BitHide, you can schedule withdrawals by time and funds collected and differentiate them by merchants or riskiness of transactions. Also, you can withdraw your money on request by using API.

What to consider when choosing a payment gateway for online casinos?

When choosing the best solution for your online casino needs, take into consideration the following recommendations:

Since casinos relate to a high-risk business, it’s essential to choose a casino payment gateway that accepts different transactions, highlights the suspicious ones, and allows to separate funds on different accounts according to their level of riskiness.

BitHide crypto payment gateway allows you to accept cryptocurrency with no exclusions, detects the level of the transaction riskiness, and automatically transfers funds to another account in case the software considers a transaction suspicious

Continue working within the legal field regardless of the circumstances.

BitHide is stored on your private servers, which makes only you the data owner. Moreover, VPN and TOR protect your IP address so that you can avoid KYC and AML compliance at all.

Are you sure no third parties can access your wallet? Is it difficult to be hacked?

With 2-stage protection guaranteed by TOR and VPN, BitHide makes your IP address totally untraceable. This means your solution almost can’t be hacked. At the same time, in case of an emergency, BitHide allows for backups and data recovery.

If you run a few casinos simultaneously, the ability to connect all of them to one wallet may become extremely useful. BitHide allows for combining the analytics from different businesses in one place and running both pivot and separate reports.

Set up an online casino payment gateway with BitHide

Enjoy the anonymity and security of BitHide, your best payment gateway for online casinos. Avoid account suspension and KYC and AML checkups. Guarantee the processing of all the transactions and differentiate them by their level of riskiness. Install BitHide now!


Which is the best crypto casino payment gateway?

If choosing a cryptocurrency payment gateway for online gambling, you focus on the anonymity and security of your transactions, BitHide can become the best solution for you. Besides the features mentioned above, it allows for connecting multiple merchants, auto-withdrawal, balance sheet reporting, and other functions required by businesses.

How does it take to gateway money for online casino?

Depending on the means you’d like to accept, you can connect different payment gateways to your platform. They can be cloud-driven or server-based. In the case of cryptocurrency, BitHide may become the best option for you. It’s easy to install on your private servers, so you can use it immediately upon installation.

How to get a gambling merchant account?

To get an online gambling merchant account, you must create a crypto account in the cryptocurrency you want to accept. Second, choose a gateway that manages the cryptocurrencies you need. Last, incorporate this solution into your platform and start receiving coins. If your choice falls on BitHide, you can handle all the integration services in one working day.

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