What is a Cryptocurrency Merchant Account?

A cryptocurrency merchant account is a type of account that allows businesses to accept payments in different cryptocurrencies.

Such accounts are beneficial for companies that operate globally. They can accept customer payments anywhere in the world. And you don't have to worry about currency conversions or cross-border fees.

You must incorporate a crypto gateway into your platform or solution to settle a merchant account. If you still choose the gateway, try BitHide. It fits brokers, dating, e-commerce, gambling, gaming, and other domains.

How to Get a Crypto Merchant Account

The process of setting up a merchant account to accept cryptocurrency differs from one gateway to another. For instance, with BitHide, it is easy. You need to follow these steps:

  • 1Send your request to BitHide.
  • 2BitHide will provide you with a link to download the app.
  • 3Install the BitHide software onto your servers
  • 4Complete the integration process of BitHide to your website or app.
  • 5Once the integration is complete, you can start accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment option for your clients.

BitHide doesn't have any requirements or restrictions based on the industry you're in, your location, and your transaction volume. As a result, our screening process takes little time.

Secure Crypto Payment Gateways

If your crypto gateway is not secure, it could lead to potential security risks for you and your customers. Some risks include hacking attempts, data breaches, and loss of funds. Most payment gateway solutions claim to be secure, but how can they vouch for it? For example, with BitHide, the crypto processing is powered by the Dark Wing technology that features TOR and VPN encryption. This way, cryptocurrency payments become fully undetectable.

The platform does not gather or keep customer data as everything is set up on users' servers. As a result, merchants are the only owners of their data. And only they decide whether to go through KYC and AML procedures.

By accepting suspicious transactions, you can jeopardize your wallet and your digital assets. This may lead to the legal bodies’ interest in your wallet and the associated ones. BitHide's crypto merchant solution may help. BitHide detects suspicious transactions and suggests quarantining them. As a result, your main wallet will remain impeccable, with no problem with money withdrawal. As for the quarantined funds, you can withdraw them wherever you want.

How to Accept Cryptocurrency Payments as a Business

To accept cryptocurrency payments as a business, you canfollow these steps:

Risks of Using a Non-Custodial Wallet - 1
Methods As Possible - 1

1. Choose a cryptocurrency payment gateway

Many cryptocurrency payment gateways are available in the market, including BitHide. Research and compare the fees, features, and security measures to find one that suits your business needs.

Risks of Using a Non-Custodial Wallet - 2
Methods As Possible - 2

2. Create a merchant account

Once you have selected a payment gateway, create a merchant's account with them.

Risks of Using a Non-Custodial Wallet - 3
Methods As Possible - 3

3. Incorporate the payment gateway into your website or application

After creating a merchant's wallet, you will receive the integration instructions from the payment gateway. Follow the instructions to integrate the gateway into your website or application. This will enable your customers to pay with cryptocurrency.

Risks of Using a Non-Custodial Wallet - 4
Methods As Possible - 4

4. Set up cryptocurrency wallets

You will need to set up a multi-cryptocurrency wallet, so you can let different coins in. This will allow you to receive payments and convert them into your preferred fiat currency later.

Risks of Using a Non-Custodial Wallet - 5
Methods As Possible - 5

5. Start accepting cryptocurrency payments

After completing the integration and setting up your wallets, you can start accepting cryptocurrency payments from your customers. Make sure to inform them about the cryptocurrency payment option on your website or in your application.

Risks of Using a Non-Custodial Wallet - 6
Methods As Possible - 6

6. Check and manage your cryptocurrency transactions

Keep track of your crypto transfers and analyze the transactions to find room for scale-ups.


What is the best way to accept cryptocurrency payments using a merchant account or payment gateway?

Find a payment gateway tool that will be easily installed and has the functionality to help you run your businesses, like a multi-merchant account or multiple-user access. If you haven't yet minded any, try BitHide, as it has all the required functionality.

How does a Bitcoin merchant account work?

A Bitcoin merchant account works similarly to a traditional merchant account. But it allows businesses to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment from their customers.Once the merchant account is set up, so the crypto payment gateway is connected to your solution, customers can select the option to pay with Bitcoin during checkout. The payment gateway then handles the cryptocurrency conversion and transfers the funds to the merchant's account.

How do I open a Bitcoin account for my business?

Opening a Bitcoin account is similar to getting a crypto wallet. However, you must integrate a crypto gateway into your website or app to start using it for your business. If you choose BitHide for these needs, our tech specialist will help you install BitHide in less than one day.

Got a question?

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