What is a cryptocurrency payment gateway?

This software allows businesses to accept crypto like Tether, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, and others. This processing solution works like a traditional gateway but for crypto coins. Customers can pay for a good or service using their digital wallets. The gateway, on demand, creates a unique crypto address for each payment or client. Then, the software handles the transaction, depositing the funds in the merchant's account. Crypto gateways provide a secure and fast way to accept customers' transactions.

Benefits of using cryptocurrency payment gateways in Australia

Access to a growing market

More and more people in Australia are using crypto. No wonder why businesses are starting to accept them as payment. By accepting crypto, companies can appeal to customers who prefer digital currencies. This is particularly true for industries like gaming, gaming, dating, finance, or e-commerce. Besides, by accepting cryptocurrencies, businesses can attract customers from the crypto community.

Diversification of payment options

By using a gateway, businesses can expand their payment alternatives. For example, an online retailer in Australia can offer customers a choice to pay with crypto. Adding another option besides traditional payment methods will work in your favor. This option can cater to customers requesting increased anonymity and privacy.

Enhanced security

Crypto gateways use cutting-edge security techniques to protect transactions. This software has extra features such as multifactor authentication, encryption, and fraud detection. This functionality prevents unauthorized access. On top of that, BitHide, for example, uses the Dark Wing technology. It has two encryption stages (VPN and TOR) that boost security and anonymity. These stages help hide the wallet's IP address, ensuring the impeccability of its structure.

Global transactions

Businesses can accept customer payments worldwide without worrying about money exchange issues. This can help companies to reach new markets and make international transactions easier. Take, for instance, a random Australian brokerage company that accepts crypto payments. The business can expand its customer base beyond Australia.

Lower transaction processing costs

Accepting payments via traditional methods like credit cards can be costly. This addresses the high processing fees. Cryptocurrency payment gateways offer a cheaper alternative, as transaction fees are lower. By accepting cryptocurrencies, businesses in Australia can save money on transaction fees.

How to accept crypto payments for business in Australia

Do you want to accept crypto for your business in Australia? Try using services like BitHide. Without a gateway, generating multiple crypto addresses to serve your customers is impossible. This is because, without a gateway, there is no way to differentiate who paid for what. With a crypto gateway, you can automate the creation of crypto addresses. Moreover, the solutions like BitHide grant privacy, anonymity, and ease in multi-account management.

Let’s investigate in more detail how it works.

Crypto payment gateway integration with your website in Australia

Let's investigate how to install BitHide's gateway on your servers.

  • Complete a form and receive the BitHide software and installation guide. The manual will provide step-by-step instructions to complete the process fast.
  • Download the BitHide software and add it to your website or app. It will be easy since you can do so following the installation guide.
  • Enjoy the convenience of accepting many cryptocurrency options at your points of sale.

Cryptocurrency solutions for your business from BitHide

BitHide's Dark Wing technology ensures that your wallet IP address remains anonymous. It is possible through a two-stage encryption process using VPN and TOR. First, the VPN provides access to the blockchain nodes. And then, TOR hides your physical location. Since no third parties can track it, you to maintain complete anonymity.

You install BitHide software on your private servers. This ensures that all data processed belongs only to you. Our software prevents transaction detail disclosure to third parties.

BitHide's technology can identify and differentiate questionable payments. After that, the software allocates risky transactions to a separate account. These funds are available for withdrawal later without compromising the primary account.

BitHide allows you to manage all transactions in one account. You can also create multi-brand wallets to distinguish between different brands.

BitHide enables you to add a variety of user types with distinctive rights. This ensures that no unwelcome users can access the company's sensitive data.

BitHide allows you to set up automatic withdrawals, including auto and API-driven ones. This usually reduces the costs associated with this process. How? BitHide chooses the times when the blockchain commission is lower.

With BitHide, you can create balance sheets and reports for each merchant. Thus, keeping track of your finances is simple. You can generate balance sheets with one click and even use pivot balance sheets.

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How does the BitHide payment gateway work?

There are only a few steps from enjoying the functionality of the gateway. Let’s explore what to do to join our users.

  • Contact Us. To get BitHide software and installation guide, please, contact us.
  • Installation. Install BitHide on your servers to get complete authority over your data.
  • Integration. You can add BitHide to your website or application.
  • Cryptocurrency Selection. Customers can choose which cryptocurrency they want to use to make their payments.
  • Customer Payment. When a customer selects to pay with crypto, BitHide creates a unique crypto address.
  • Confirmation. BitHide checks the transaction and deposits funds in your wallet. In the case of risky transactions, BitHide deposits such funds in a separate account. This prevents jeopardizing the structure of your main account.


What are the fees for using the crypto payment gateway in Australia?

Crypto payment gateways charge a percentage-based fee on the transaction amount. Yet, the cost depends on the crypto gateway and the turnover it processes for one merchant.

Additionally, there may be other fees, including network transaction and withdrawal fees. The cost depends on the specific gateway and the cryptocurrency used.

Remember that BitHide allows for withdrawing your funds on request. For this, the software uses auto withdrawals or API driven withdrawals. This simplifies the process. This approach allows for scheduling withdrawals following the pre-set rules. They include transfers during the more cost-efficient periods.

How long does payment processing through the crypto payment gateway take?

Transactions happen in real-time. Meaning payments are usually confirmed within seconds or less. This is a significant advantage over traditional payment methods. The latter often takes several hours to days to process.

With BitHide, customers can make payments faster, improving their shopping experience. Additionally, merchants can receive their funds faster. As a result, the usage of crypto enhances cash flow and business operations.

Is it safe to use a crypto payment gateway for transactions?

Using a crypto payment gateway for transactions can be safe with proper precautions. It is crucial to choose a reliable and secure payment gateway. It should offer high encryption and security to protect customer data and transactions.

Can one integrate the crypto payment gateway with my existing e-commerce platform?

Depending on the crypto gateway you’d like to use, the integration differs. With BitHide, you install it on your servers and get the process up and running in less than a day. Generally, you require only one tech specialist who can tune the system for your use.

Are there any restrictions on who can use the crypto payment gateway in Australia?

Generally, there are no restrictions on using crypto gateways in Australia. This way, the last step separating you from accepting crypto in Australia is the choice of payment gateway. Try BitHide now and start accepting coins the same day.

How to accept Bitcoin payments in Australia?

Stop googling "Bitcoin payment gateway Australia". Choose BitHide. This service lets you process Bitcoin transactions while staying anonymous.

What you need is to install BitHide. Then, integrate the payment gateway into your website or application. Once integrated, customers can transfer Bitcoin from their wallet to yours.

Got a question?

Ask them in the feedback form. A BitHide specialist will get back to you as soon as possible.