What is a Forex merchant account?

This is a specialized financial account allowing Forex and CFD brokers to accept client crypto payments. Usually, businesses operating in the foreign exchange industry need them. This service provides a secure way to process transactions related to trading.

If you are a Forex or a CFD broker accepting cryptocurrency payments, you need a crypto Forex merchant account like BitHide. It allows you to process crypto transactions and helps centrally manage multiple merchants from one place.

Advantages of Forex payment processing

Crypto wallet for business
Crypto wallet for business

Efficient Transactions

Experience quick and seamless payment transactions, allowing you to easily deposit and withdraw funds for your Forex business. BitHide provides fast and reliable crypto payment processing, ensuring a smooth money flow.

Crypto wallet for business
Crypto wallet for business

Global Reach

Expand your business horizons with Forex payment processing solutions. They enable you to accept payments worldwide. With BitHide, you can accept various coins, opening doors to a global clientele.

Crypto wallet for business
Crypto wallet for business

Enhanced Security

Trust in the secure nature of your transactions with BitHide. Enjoy complete anonymity as BitHide hides your wallet's IP address from third parties. Additionally, BitHide's technology identifies and handles risky payments.

Crypto wallet for business
Crypto wallet for business

Compliance with KYC/AML Regulations

Stay compliant with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering regulations with BitHide. By keeping your data on your servers, BitHide grants its users the right to solve themselves whether to unveil their data.

Crypto wallet for business
Crypto wallet for business

Reliable Customer Support

Rely on BitHide's responsive customer support team for timely assistance with any technical or operational queries. We are here 24/7 and reply within 5 min to let you take care of your business strategy, and we will take care of crypto processing.

Forex payment solutions offered by BitHide

When Forex and CFD brokers request to create a unique crypto address for each client and process the wallet replenishment, a cryptoprocessor comes in handy. BitHide is a non-custodial solution that specializes in Forex and CFD brokers and considers their need for privacy and security thanks to the Dark Wing technology.

With BitHide, you can seamlessly process transactions in multiple coins. This feature simplifies currency conversions. It allows you to cater to a global client base, enhancing the accessibility and convenience of your Forex business.

BitHide's payment solutions can be integrated into your existing Forex platform. This straightforward integration process allows you to start accepting crypto payments fast. Additionally, BitHide offers customization options to match your brand in case you plan to use it as a white label.

Get insights into your Forex transactions with BitHide's reporting and analytics tools. You can track payments, watch transaction history, and generate reports. You can add as many merchants as you need and analyze their statistics separately or combined.

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Why choose BitHide for Forex payments processing

Let’s dive into features that make BitHide stand out among other services.

Anonymity and Privacy

BitHide allows Forex and CFD brokers to accept cryptocurrency while maintaining complete anonymity. It ensures that personal information and transaction details are confidential. Thus, you get an extra layer of privacy for traders. How does it happen? The two-stage encryption uses the Dark Wing technology, VPN plus TOR, to hide your wallet’s IP address. With complete anonymity, your foundation's wallet IP location remains hidden from third parties.

Global Accessibility

BitHide supports various cryptocurrencies, enabling international accessibility for Forex and CFD brokers. Contact us to enjoy payment processing in USDT, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tron, and other coins. We are happy to provide flexibility and convenience in your Forex payment processing.

Secure and Efficient Transactions

With BitHide's custom solution, you know your transactions are safe. Our payment gateway protects sensitive financial data and ensures seamless transaction processing. Thus, you can focus on your Forex business with peace of mind.

Lower Transaction Costs

BitHide's cryptocurrency gateway offers lower transaction fees than traditional payment methods. Forex and CFD brokers can enjoy reduced costs associated with payment processing. With BitHide, you can also set up automatic withdrawals. It reduces the costs associated with the process. The software chooses times when the blockchain commission is lower. Thus, it saves your foundation money.

Seamless Integration

BitHide provides easy integration into existing Forex platforms, websites, or applications. Our team is on a 24/7 support line to get you up and running in less than a day. If you want to diversify your transactions by adding a real-time channel, get BitHide. Fill out the for your BitHide software and a complete installation guide.


With BitHide, only you decide whether your transactions are subject to KYC and AML. Remember that you are the only data owner; thus, you are only responsible for its monitoring. This is because all data is stored on your own servers and never be delivered to third parties.

The wallet structure is impeccable

Remember, knowing the source of funds you accept is not always possible. As a result, these suspicious transactions may jeopardize your wallet. With BitHide, everything will be fine. Our software will identify suspicious transactions and separate them from your revenue flow. This way, your main account will remain impeccable. At the same time, such an action won't endanger your funds' withdrawal. This means you can withdraw funds from your primary and extra accounts anytime.

Forex payment gateway for efficient payment processing

Here are the key benefits of using a gateway for efficient payment processing:

They allow clients to deposit funds into their trading accounts. At the same time, brokers can do so with withdrawals. This ensures seamless trading experiences for both parties.

A reliable Forex payment gateway supports various payment methods. BitHide lets you work with many cryptocurrencies. This versatility enables clients to choose their preferred payment option and enhances convenience.

Security is paramount among Forex payment solutions’ requirements. A robust payment gateway employs encryption technology to protect sensitive financial information. This might stop unwanted access or fraud.

The Forex industry is subject to various regulatory requirements. Anti-money laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations are among them. A reputable gateway ensures compatibility with these standards. A good one will also do it according to the needs of your business.

Most gateways provide APIs and plugins that enable easy integration. Thus, it allows the clients to start transactions from the trading platform.

Brokers can access real-time trade monitoring and reporting tools. This allows them to track payment activities, reconcile invoices, and generate financial reports.

Quick and responsive customer support ensures a seamless payment experience.

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Open a Forex merchant account today

Opening a Forex merchant account with BitHide is a simple process.

Here's a step-by-step guide to help you get started:

  • Contact BitHide. Reach out to BitHide by sending a request to get your payment gateway software. Our team will provide you with the necessary information and instructions.
  • Install BitHide. Follow the provided guidelines to install BitHide on your private servers. The installation process is straightforward.
  • Incorporate BitHide. Connect our software to your platform or application. The process is easy and needs less than one business day.
  • Start accepting crypto. Once you have set up the tool, BitHide handles the transaction processing. This way, we are taking care of the funds on their way to you.
  • Manage your transactions. BitHide offers a dashboard that makes it easy to manage your transactions. You can access transaction history, generate reports, and overview your activities.


What is the best payment method for Forex?

Cryptocurrency is becoming a popular and preferred payment method for Forex. Its

  • decentralized nature,
  • fast transactions,
  • low fees,
  • and enhanced security make it an attractive option for traders.

For what reasons are Forex merchant accounts classified as high risk?

We can put Forex merchant accounts into a high-risk category due to

  • the volatile nature of the foreign exchange market,
  • the high potential for financial fraud,
  • and strict regulatory compliance requirements.

As a result, quite often Forex merchant accounts are under control of the legal bodies and need to process KYC/AML compliance procedures. In case you’d like to get rid of this activities, use BitHide. Our solution will help you run your business legally while mitigating KYC/AML compliance risks.

Why is having a Forex merchant account important for Forex business?

It enables seamless transaction processing. Its main purpose is to offer diverse payment options for clients. A payment gateway allows you to issue multiple invoices for your clients and verify payments.

What payment methods do you support as a Forex payment processing solution?

BitHide enables you to accept popular cryptocurrency payments, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Moreover, reach us to accept crypto payments in USDT, Litecoin, and Tron.

How secure are your solutions?

BitHide prioritizes the security of your financial transactions by employing advanced encryption technology. On top of that, our solution has

  • two-factor authentication;
  • 512-bit entry key;
  • database encryption;
  • banking technology for device fingerprint control;
  • mnemonic phrase;
  • and data backup.

BitHide ensures that your sensitive data remains protected throughout the payment process. We use encryption to safeguard communication and transaction data, preventing unauthorized access.

Also, our tool masks your wallet IP address with the Dark Wing technology, which consists of two encryption stages, VPN and TOR. It allows you to hide your identity completely.

How does this work? With VPN, the wallet accesses the blockchain nodes, and then TOR makes your physical address untraceable.

Are there any transaction limits or restrictions on Forex payment processing?

From our side, there are no restrictions. It's important to note that transaction limits depend on external factors and legislation requirements.

How long does it take to set up a Forex merchant account?

At BitHide, we understand the importance of a speedy setup process. That's why we have streamlined our procedures to ensure the process takes less than one business day.

Our dedicated support team guides you through the necessary steps. Thus, you can start accepting settlements and conducting transactions in no time.

Our goal is to provide you with a seamless onboarding experience. You focus on your business while we assist you in the account setup process.

What are the commissions associated with your payment processing solutions for FX?

Commissions depend on a percentage of the transaction amount. However, different crypto Forex merchant accounts can suggest options to cut commission costs.

For instance, BitHide lets you withdraw money when the blockchain commission is lower.

Got a question?

Ask them in the feedback form. A BitHide specialist will get back to you as soon as possible.