What is a Forex payment gateway?

A payment gateway for Forex brokers is a solution helping intermediaries accept transactions from their clients. Acting as a secure bridge between agents and clients, a gateway enables smooth transactions. However, it takes more work to select a perfect payment processor. Let's investigate why.

Why is it hard for CFD and Forex brokers to find a payment gateway?

Here’s a list of challenges CFD and Forex merchants face:
Crypto wallet for business
Crypto wallet for business

Not all financial institutions are ready to serve this domain

With BitHide, you can easily integrate our solution into your platform or app. Then, start accepting crypto. Everything can be done within one business day.

Crypto wallet for business
Crypto wallet for business

Transactions are under KYC/AML (know your customer/anti-money laundering) compliance

BitHide is installed on your servers, so all the transaction data is also there. As the only data owner, you decide whether to share your data with third parties.

Crypto wallet for business
Crypto wallet for business

Users want to keep their personal information private

BitHide is a 100% protected solution, with no third parties eligible to track your personal data. With TOR and VPN concealing your wallet’s IP address simultaneously, no bodies can identify it.

How to choose the right payment gateway for CFD and Forex brokers?

Let’s consider a list of properties to select the appropriate payment gateway for Forex brokers:

Not all crypto gateways are equally protected from third-party access. BitHide conceals your wallet's IP address with TOR and VPN. Then it stores all data on your servers, giving you complete control.

When you work within a grey-hat domain, your payment solution must run like clockwork. No account suspensions or KYC/AML provisions are accepted. BitHide can guarantee this approach.

Consider software that makes your work convenient. It supposes differentiating access rights, multi-merchant accounts, or well-set-up reporting. BitHide delivers all this functionality in its standard package.

Compare solutions by their withdrawal-associated cost. Our solution allows automated fund withdrawals during the lowest blockchain fee periods. This saves money for our users.

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Benefits of BitHide payment gateway

Complete Anonymity

BitHide hides your foundation's wallet IP location from third parties. It uses the Dark Wing technology, simultaneous employment of VPN, and TOR. This guarantees complete anonymity and protects your privacy.

Risky Transaction Detection

BitHide's advanced technology can differentiate and detect high-risk transactions. This capability allows assigning such funds to a separate account. Your wallet’s structure remains impeccable regardless of the transactions you accept.

Diversified User Access

BitHide simplifies the management of transactions from different businesses by providing a centralized account. Meanwhile, BitHide allows you to grant authorized personnel access to sensitive data while setting up distinctive user rights.

Automatic Funds Withdrawal

BitHide offers the convenience of setting up automatic withdrawals. This feature reduces costs associated with manual processing. It enables choosing optimal times when blockchain commission fees are lower.

Detailed Reports

BitHide provides comprehensive reporting capabilities. With just one click, you can generate balance sheets and pivot reports. Gain valuable insights into your financial activities to make informed decisions.

Enhanced Security and Privacy

BitHide offers advanced measures to protect your transactions and sensitive data. Your data is stored on your private servers, which keeps it secure from third-party access. Only you consider whether your transactions must be KYC/AML compliant.

How to start accepting crypto payments with BitHide?

Here's a simplified 5-step version of the instructions to start accepting crypto with BitHide:

  • Request BitHide software.
  • Configure your wallet.
  • Integrate it into your website or app by using our guidelines.
  • Display the supported crypto options on your website or platform.
  • Start accepting crypto.


Why do Forex and CFD brokers need a specialized payment gateway?

Not all financial institutions are ready to work with this type of agent. This means that this domain needs a separate gateway designed for their needs. In addition to the anonymity of transactions, such companies usually seek a payment processor eligible to pass AML and KYC compliance requirements.

What types of payment methods are supported by your payment gateway?

BitHide is a crypto gateway. It allows businesses to accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tron, USDT, and other coins.

How secure is the payment gateway for Forex and CFD brokers?

The security of a solution for international Forex and CFD brokers is a top priority. These gateways implement robust security measures such as:

  • encryption protocols to protect data transmission,
  • PCI DSS compliance to handle credit card data securely,
  • tokenization to replace sensitive information with unique identifiers,
  • advanced fraud prevention systems,
  • and secure network infrastructure with firewalls and intrusion detection.

In the case of BitHide, for the needs of Forex and CFD mediators, we guarantee security by:

  • concealing the wallet’s IP address with the TOR and VPN technologies,
  • and keeping data on your private servers.

How quickly can transactions be processed through the payment gateway?

The time depends on the gateway and payment method you use. With BitHide, all the transactions are processed immediately. This is because it's about crypto transactions with near-to-instant processing. BitHide itself verifies the transaction instantly as well. The only stopper here could be your network connectivity.

Can I track and reconcile transactions through the payment gateway?

Yes, tracking and reconciling transactions is essential for most gateways, including BitHide. Usually, they offer tools and functionalities that allow you to monitor and track transactions in real time. This includes access to transaction details such as payment amounts, dates, customer information, and transaction status.

Are there any limits on the number of payment accounts or merchants that can be linked to the payment gateway?

Depending on the gateway, there could be some limits. However, with BitHide, you can join as many merchants to your wallet as you need. This approach was taken into consideration because many Forex and CFD trading intermediaries have various platforms to operate their activities. Designed especially for these needs, BitHide allows you to connect multiple merchants to your wallet and efficiently manage them from one place.

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