White label payment gateway for accepting crypto payments

White label payment gateway for accepting crypto payments

What is white label crypto payment gateway? First, this service allows financial companies to set up crypto processing for their clients. Second, a white-label solution can make the processing tool branded and aligned to the merchant’s brand book.

    With BitHide as a partner, you can:

  • Deliver the cryptocurrency processing service for your clients.
  • Accept cryptocurrency from any clients. Later, if required, separate transactions according to their level of suspicion.
  • Brand your solution to make it correspond to your corporate standards.
  • Store your data on your servers and be its only owner.
  • Enjoy the full feature set of BitHide, including its anonymity and administrative functionality. Handle multiple wallets regardless of the number of connected merchants.

Benefits of White Label Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway by Bithide

BitHide provides the same functionality for its white label and standard crypto processing tools.

Most crypto processing providers position themselves as anonymous. However, the standard solution cannot untrace the transaction paths. BitHide’s major feature is to make them untraceable thanks to the Dark Wing technology. The simultaneous usage of TOR and VPN hides the physical location of your wallet, which makes it totally anonymous for everyone.

BitHide is useful for wallet health checks. It can identify suspicious transactions and differentiate them accordingly. BitHide enables both features. First, it monitors the transferred cryptocurrency. It alerts once any doubtful transaction is detected. Second, it allows detaching such a transaction from the major wallet portfolio. This keeps the wallet structure impeccable.

KYC and AML regulations are obligatory in this market. However, with BitHide, since you are the only owner of data you store on your servers, it’s only up to you whether you’d like to unveil this information to anyone.

This feature is important for companies having multiple merchant accounts. With BitHide, they can manage all the data in one place and make it convenient to analyze.

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What is white label payment gateway?

White label crypto processing tool is a processing solution that can be branded in accordance with the client’s standards. As a result, it seems that there is an internal checkout process.

How can I use a cryptocurrency payment gateway?

With the crypto processing solution, your company can accept cryptocurrency for any goods and/or services.

How does a crypto payment gateway work?

The service facilitates the transfer of coins from the customer’s to the merchant’s account.

Which payment gateway is best for cryptocurrency?

Users consider BitHide one of the best solutions in the market. This is thanks to its anonymity, level of protection and control over transactions. Meanwhile, white-hat industries prefer BitHide for its ease of integration and convenience in use.

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